At Academy Sheetmetal, we’ve been performing fabrication services in Newcastle since 1996, and since 2013, we’ve also had the ability to bring our customers designs to life with the click of a button on our state of the art AMADA laser cutting technology.

We can also transfer drawings into designs on our computer-aided-design (CAD) software. If you do not have drawings or designs yet then we also have highly skilled staff capable of making designs to your specifications or ideas.

Check out our gallery to see some examples of the laser cutting services we have provided to Newcastle customers in the past. Get in contact with us today to bring your designs to life!


Our state-of-the-art Amada laser cutting equipment is the largest and newest of its kind in Newcastle, boasting a range of advantages

  • A 3mx1.5m bay allowing for large projects that require the high precision that laser cutting provides.
  • Accuracy within 0.02mm
  • Capable of churning out thinner materials at 80 metres per minute, heavily reducing customer wait times.
  • Cutting widths varying from 0.5mm to 20mm
  • Ability to spray-paint or powder-coat your design post production in our dedicated paint booth.

Typically, it takes around 7 days to have your design manufactured; this of course depends on whether it’s a design we’ve had to make from scratch, whether you’ve submitted a pre-designed CAD file (we use SolidWorks CAD software), or if the drawing you submitted requires modification to be laser-cut. We offer delivery across NSW on all our products, and we offer discounts for those who order in bulk.

Our Laser Machines


Get in touch to discuss your project and organise a quote for any of our laser cutting services. Call (02) 4954 3364.