We take pride in being at the forefront of technological advancement and fabrication in the Hunter NSW. 


Nestled in the suburb of Lake Macquarie just outside Newcastle, Academy Sheetmetal has grown from a small scale fabrication workshop to becoming a pinnacle of metal crafting in NSW over the past two decades. Our evolution has been shaped by a steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries, ensuring your distinct needs are met with innovative, tailored solutions.

Our growth has been driven by crucial investments in people and technology, ensuring our workshop, abuzz with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, remains at the forefront of the industry. On-site training and continuous development through apprenticeships and ongoing training underpin our devotion to nurturing expertise.

Join us at Academy Sheetmetal, where your vision meets our expertise, crafting excellence together in every cut, bend, and join. Welcome to our family, where we create more than products – we forge lasting partnerships.

Our People 

At Academy Sheet Metal we believe in growing and nurturing local talent, we take pride in our robust on-site training programs. Our sophisticated, niche machinery and software call for a tailored approach to training, developing a workforce that’s not only proficient but also, profoundly knowledgeable.

Apprenticeships and trainee programs are not merely training; they are an investment in creating futures, sculpting our team members into skilled artisans, and contributing to the wider industry with proficient professionals.

The commitment and drive of our highly-skilled staff has earned us a brilliant reputation for outstanding achievement in our field. 

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Our Commitments 

We are proud to be environmentally friendly. 

  • Our workshop uses multiple water tanks manufactured by us in-house for a combined capacity of 100,000L in collected rainwater.

  • We have 330 solar panels powering our facilities with over 200KW in production capacity across our 3 sites.

  • We make significant efforts to recycle all our manufacturing by-products whenever possible. As a company we produce less than one 240L (standard red bin) of waste per week. 

Our recycling and sustainability efforts were rewarded in 2015 and 2017 when we won the Lake Macquarie Council’s Sustainable Business Award as well as being finalists in 2023.


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