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Our AMADA AE2610NT, turret punching offers outstanding versatility in shaping and forming sheet metal. The AE2610NT machine features a working area of 1500 x 3000mm and excels in punching and forming materials up to 3mm thick. With an extensive inventory of over 150 tools, we provide a comprehensive range of forming and punching processes to meet your fabrication requirements effectively. Some of these tools are listed below, for any further questions or requirements please enquire now!

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Turret Punching Capabilities


Our turret punching services go beyond basic cutting. With the AE2610NT, we offer an array of forming capabilities that add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your sheet metal components. Some of these capabilities include:

  1. Vented Louvres: Create precisely positioned louvre patterns to enhance airflow and ventilation in your designs. 

  2. V-Cutting: Achieve clean and precise V-shaped cuts for folding or bending purposes, ensuring accurate angles and edges.

  3. Burst Extrude + Tapping: Combine punching and tapping in a single operation, saving time and streamlining the manufacturing process.

  4. CNC Tapping M3-M6: Our machine is equipped to perform CNC tapping for a range of screw sizes, ensuring secure fastening.

  5. Dimpling: Add dimples to your sheet metal components for enhanced structural integrity or aesthetic effects.

  6. Bead Rolling: Create decorative or functional beads on your sheet metal surfaces, providing added strength and visual interest.

  7. Ball Chamfering: Achieve smooth, rounded edges for improved safety and aesthetics.

Add dimples to your sheet metal components for enhanced structural integrity, non-slip surfaces or aesthetic effects.

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Perforating Sheet
In contrast to laser cutting, turret punching stands out as the preferred method for material perforation. This preference arises from the minimized heat distortion associated with laser cutting and the efficiency of punching facilitated by cluster punches. At Academy, our punching array features cluster tools with the capability to punch up to 36 holes per strike, translating to over 50 holes per second.

Vented Louvres
By directly punching Louvres onto the panels utilized in enclosures and cabinets, we have eliminated the necessity for third-party bolt-on panels that typically require fixing post-fabrication. This not only reduces dust and water ingress issues but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal by achieving a clean and streamlined look.

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Turret Punching - Burst Extrude image

Burst Extrude
A convenient process to increase the thickness of sheet metal prior to tapping. This is done by first punching a hole in the material and then forming the hole up into a cylinder, this effectively doubles the thickness of material that will then be tapped and therefore increasing the thread per hole without the need for weld nuts or nutserts.

Bead Rolling
This formed by pulling the material through a set of rollers on the turret punch. With the ability to turn corners and move in different directions this is a great process to add rigidity to large panels without the need to weld on stiffeners or braces later in the fabrication process. 

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