Turning Ideas into Precision: Your Newcastle Drafting Partner


Academy Sheetmetal offers a comprehensive and professional drafting service to bridge the gap between your ideas and the finished product. Our skilled team of drafters, equipped with the latest tools and software, transforms your concepts into accurate and detailed designs, ensuring seamless integration with our manufacturing processes.


Cutting-Edge Software and Expertise

With four Solidworks licences and extensive expertise in sheet metal design, our Solidworks Sheet Metal accredited drafters possess the skills and knowledge to create precise and tailored designs. 


Replication of Complex Parts

To replicate intricate and challenging parts accurately, we utilise a state-of-the-art 3D scanner. This advanced technology allows us to capture detailed measurements and dimensions of existing components, enabling us to create precise replicas with ease. Our commitment to precision ensures that your replicated parts maintain the same level of quality and functionality as the originals.


Seamless CAM Programming

To streamline the transition from design to production, we employ cutting-edge CAM programming software supplied by Amada. This software optimises the programming process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

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