Top-Quality Welding Services at Academy Sheetmetal


Our welding services are all about quality and reliability. At Academy Sheetmetal, we bring together a skilled team and top-notch equipment to meet all your welding needs. From MIG and TIG welding to utilising advanced robotics, we handle a wide range of applications with precision and care. Trust us to get the job done right, merging expertise with technology to deliver strong, durable metal solutions for your projects.

With our committed team, your welding requirements are in expert hands, ensuring each join is strong and precise. Choose Academy Sheetmetal - where quality welding meets dependable service.

MIG Welding


Our MIG welding capabilities are powered by Kempii and Fronius machines, ensuring exceptional performance and weld quality. We utilise the cutting-edge Kempii FastmigX and Kempii Kempact machines, renowned for their reliability and versatility. 

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Welding - TIG image

TIG Welding


For intricate and high-quality welds, our TIG welding services are second to none. Equipped with Kempii and Cigweld machines, including the Kempii MasterTIG, we excel in delivering precise and aesthetically pleasing welds. 

Robotic Welding


Academy Sheetmetal embraces the power of robotics in welding applications, enhancing efficiency and precision. Our UR10e Cobot and Fronius 400i Power Source combination delivers exceptional automation capabilities. With the collaborative UR10e Cobot and the advanced Fronius 400i Power Source, we achieve consistent and accurate welds, optimising productivity and reducing lead times.

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Stainless Fabrication image
Stainless Fabrication image

Stainless Fabrication

Aluminium Fabrication

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